Summer Salad Spirals!

This Beauty is made fast and easy with a spiral slicer!  The Beets, Carrots and Radishes are sliced so thinly they get nicely douces with the dressing the taste is just fabulous. It Looks beautiful too!
One-Pot Fuel

Brown Rice and Steamed Veggies – all in the rice cooker!

  • Prep-time 15 minutes
  • Hassle-frr cooking time: 25 Minutes
  • Health time: Always!
Real Food, Real Fuel

If we make it a habit to notice how we FEEL after the different foods we eat… we can make better choices and feel better all day every day! We REALLY are what we eat!

Humans need Fuel. All kinds of Fuel! Fuel for our Bodies, for our Minds, for our Soul and our Hearts!  Fuel 4 Life! And good Fuel means a good Lfe!

Every Body is a little different, sometimes very different, so certain “Fuels” might be better for some than others.

I feel SO LUCKY living in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California! We have access to some of the best Fuel in the world! GREAT local food, air, water, the ocean and the mointains right near by, lots of art & music and some really really good people around here too! And I hope to share as much of all this great Fuel with you here.

And we’d love to hear some of your favorite Fuel recipes and ideas, so feel free to share!


Gastrointestinal health is the foundation of good health as the GI tract is a prominent part of the Immune System. There are a number of conditions and diseases affected by and affecting the GI Tract ... learn more here:

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Mineral Broth

Mineral Broth!! It is Nutrition at it's best in it's most available form. Any time you are under extra stress, before or after surgery, when digestion is weak, when you NEED those Minerals, when in any big transition or Life event..... Mineral Broth! It will Nurture you to the bone! (literally). Prep time: 5-10 Min.s Cook time: 2-6 hrs.

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Peachy Green Salad

I used some leftover steamed veggies; Golden Beets, Green Beans & Red Beets, laid then over a bed of Spinach, with some Spiral Sliced Carrots and sliced Tomatoes & Peaches. Drizzled it with a Vinaigrette made with unfiltered Olive Oil, Balsamic glaze and a dash of Toasted sesame oil. It gave me a mix of comfort food, raw food and nutty good fat satiation...

Healthy Snacks in a Flash!

Insta-Apple Pie

  • Slice of toast, or your favorite cracker or rye bread, spread a little honey,  Sunflower butter or apple sauce, sliced apple & cinnamon... voila!

Apple Sauce to-go

  • Find it at your favorite health food store.

Dried Apples

  • Find it at your favorite health food store (avoid Sulfur Dioxide).

Acid vs Alkaline… in 9 minutes or less

Click for an excellent little video that teaches the essential basics about Acid & alkaline diets!

Looking to loose a little weight?? Watch this!

Having stomach issues?? Watch this!

Want to give your liver a break? worried about bone health? Watch this.

Easter Brunch Made Healthy!

Super easy and only 10 minutes prep. time! They present beautifully and they freez well too!